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Episode 72 — June 4, 2011

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Eardrop is a daily uncensored morsel of comedy for our Earwolves to enjoy for five minutes or so a day.

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Why is eardrop sucking now?

It used to be so amazing.
Now it's boring :(

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I have to agree that where Eardrop was once amazing, it has disappointed as of late. I miss the calls from Harris Wittles especially, along with Tom Lennon and the "That's Head Science" guy (is he also the "Cue the Sound Effect" guy? Steve Agee?) and the others who used to call in regularly to give us three or four minute episodes seem to have disappeared. I guess when you're giving out a free-form product it's hard to get busy professionals to commit. I love Doug Benson's podcast and comedy, and I thank him for supporting Eardrop, but I'd sure like to hear more than his verbalized promotional tweeting.

Not to mention, it'd be nice to get some closure on the story with Jimmy Pardo and his free radio.

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