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Episode 49 - The Layman with Jon Gabrus

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Comedian Jon Gabrus loves science. It’s awesome. Mind-blowing. It’s also kind of difficult to understand. In this series, Gabrus goes to the experts - doctors exploring the frontiers of the mind, outer space, and more; and asks them to break it down in terms we can all understand.

In Episode 1, Keith Luhrs and Lauren Billings Luhrs are a husband-and-wife science team. But the science doesn’t stay at the lab. Lauren has used that same discipline to become a bestselling romance author, Keith has applied it to his incredible home brewing operation, and they both have applied it to raising their children. In this funny and freewheeling conversation, our host explores whether this same method can make his creative life more disciplined and productive, too!

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I haven't heard jons podcast, I only know him from other earwolf podcasts, but he is very charming guy and a great interviewer, really looking forward to future episodes of this!

I would have liked more science talk, but I imagine that comes in other episodes, and the couple he was talking to were so fun that it made up for the lack of deeper science discussions.


I'm in!

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