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Similar film podcasts?

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Now Playing Podcast - It's been around for years and offers up in depth, spoiler filled deconstructions of films. There are many retrospectives of film series, directors...etc. This is a long time favorite of mine.


I'm already most of the way through the Connery Bonds on this podcast. Thanks for the recommendation, I can't get enough of legitimate fan-based discussion of the franchise. Huge weakness on my part.


The B-Movies Podcast - My go-to weekly for reviews of current films and movie news.

The Hollywood Gauntlet - This one offers VERY in-depth, and usually quite long discussions on films and series. The Godfather ep is epic! They haven't dropped a new ep in a while but the library is worth checking out.


These are bookmarked and on my radar.

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Star Wars Minute - Two smart nerds analyze each of the original Star Wars films one minute at a time. Ultra in-depth but thankfully they aren't complete Star Wars fanatics and make fun of a lot of the stupid stuff, especially all the extended universe madness. They just finished analyzing Phantom Menace.

This show had such a brilliant conceit and it's even more amazing that they genuinely pulled it off. It's really something else.

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Not very similar at all, but it's overall my favorite film related podcast which is the Film Junk podcast.


It's hard to know who to recommend it to because the overall film knowledge can be topped by other podcasts like Filmspotting, Projection Booth, etc... and to new listeners, it may sound like the members of the podcast almost don't even want to be there, as at times are very monotone, but over time it became the show I most looked forward to every week.


The show regularly is 2-3 hours long, so definitely on the long side, covers one new film each week, also has a "What We Watched" segment similar to Slash Filmcast which is probably it's closest comparison in show structure, though unlike Slash Film, it generally consists of films rather than just the TV show they watched that week. The show is coming close to episode 600 soon, so it puts in Filmspotting territory as longest running film podcasts go. I believe it actually predates Filmspotting as longevity goes though has fallen behind on episode count overtime due to having the luxury of being on the radio and simply being replaced by co-hosts when a week needs to be taken off.


It's a very funny podcast once you get to know the members, and member Jay Cheel is a documentary filmmaker who directed How To Build a Time Machine which seems to be getting some film festival traction. Also, Matt Gourley appears to be a fan of the show as he's guested on it a few times and Jay Cheel has actually appeared a couple of times on I Was There Too on one of the post-interview segments. Finding Matt Gourley through Film Junk and then by extension finding The Canon through I Was There Too is kind of the journey that brought me here actually.

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One I've listened to for a long time is Movie Geeks United. Fun banter between three film geeks who seem to have seen EVERYTHING, and they also get a lot of interviews with some of the non-obvious artists you might like to hear from (indie film directors, composers, cinematographers, etc.). They also occasionally do an in-depth episode about a particular film or Hollywood story (though some of this may sadly be moving behind a paywall).


Otherwise the other big movie podcast I like is How Did This Get Made?, but as that's another Earwolf production you've probably heard of it.

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The only one I haven't seen mentioned yet is the Empire Podcast.

It's a occasionally entry-level, but I wouldn't say that's a bad thing. The hosts are pretty terrific and have great British chemistry.

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I Was There Too - One of my favorite podcasts. Each episode the host interviews actors who had small parts in major films. For example in one recent episode he interviewed several of the bus passengers in Speed. Host Matt Gourley is extremely funny and very personable.


IWTT is an incredibly fun podcast.

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