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Your Indulgence Picks

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My Indulgence Picks? Oooph... well...

  • Jon Waters'/Pink Floyd's The Wall

Roger Waters, although a John Waters version would be ... something. It would make for an interesting indulgence pick as the movie was famously hated by almost everyone involved in creating it. It's also endured better than the movie musicals produced by the Who, or even Yellow Submarine.


Setting the Wall/Tommy/Quadrophenia aside, most of those movies would be uncontroversial choices for Canon discussion -- I think the idea of the indulgence pick is that you don't feel said pick is actually worthy of enshrinement. Perhaps you don't, but you'd have a hell of an argument convincing me that Seven Samurai (for example) is both a movie that you like and one that doesn't belong in the Canon.

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Fairly confident this is the half of your list that could be called indulgence picks; Treasure of the Sierra Madre is AFI Top 100 royalty, and Seven Samurai makes most global top ten lists! Truthfully, I think the only one of these that isn't almost a gimme eventual episode is Quadrophenia, just because Tommy and The Wall have become more popular classic rock, "rock opera" movies. I also kind wish it were John Waters' The Wall and not Roger Waters; Divine as Mother could be spectacular!


Whoops! Misread the idea of the indulgence pick like a drunk blind man, my bad.


And double whoops, I meant Roger, not John. Heh heh, egg on my face.


In which case, slight revision:


The Wall, Tommy, The Crow, Indepedence Day, Phantom of the Paradise, Ghost Dog, Melancholia, Frozen, Quadrophenia and.... I wanna say The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Ralph Bakshi's Heavy Traffic?


How's this, better?

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If we're doing indulgence, and not obvious great movies, my picks are:


Where's Poppa? - Carl Reiner (1970)


The Mosquito Coast - Peter Weir (1986)


Bring It On - Peyton Reed (2000)

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I'm going with The Fifth Element. The movie isn't culturally important nor is it by any means perfect. The story is pretty stupid and there are a ton of jokes and character choices made that just fall flat. However, it's a movie that I've compulsively watched more and more the older I get to the point where I can no longer argue against its own inclusion in my personal canon. The costume, production design and eccentric casting choices put it over the top for me. It's a trainwreck, but it's a trainwreck I love.


My runner up for an indulgence pick would be Commando, which is so effectively the embodiment of an 80s action movie that it borders on parody.

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