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Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

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I hope someone figures out whether or not I should be offended by this episode because I'm sure there's another Victor and Tiny appearance coming soon and I need to know whether or not I can enjoy it.

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I had the opposite reaction to some people here - I thought Ming was really funny, but that Thomas Middleditch's Call for China was unlistenably offensive. It's sometimes not about whether the person doing it is racist, just that some things just rub you the wrong way. I enjoy Thomas Middleditch as a guest, I just can't stand that one part of his act, so I avoid it when I know it's there.


I don't think the argument about how everyone else acknowledging how racist something is, makes it ok, stands. If everyone knows, then why not stop it? Also, 'Asian' covers such a large amount of cultures, it's pretty much meaningless.

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Ming was absolutely delightful. I could listen to Scott and him talking all damn day. Spot on accent. Thank you CBB

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