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August 28 - Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW

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Our third stop on the Australian tour is at The Metro in Sydney, where the audience is giving a standing ovation from start to finish because apparently this is a rock club with no chairs. Special guest Claudia O'Doherty (of Glebe!) joins us and has new found confidence now she is meeting Scott on her home turf. Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Tompkins) is in town premiering a new musical about Australian wildlife at the Sydney Opera House. Tracey Reardon (Lauren Lapkus) also finds herself in Sydney on her continuing search to find her parents, and hay-monger Calvin Redding (Mike Handford) stops by to eventually tell us a story.



Here on Howl

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1. Not gonna lie, the joyous reception Claudia received from the crowd gave me all the feels.

2. Even Australia's version of Engineer Cody has maintained Earwolf's standard for signature flubbishes.

3. "Pink Crocs" was the perfect out but Scott didn't take it. Watch yourself, counselor!

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Getting to see CBB Live was my favourite comedy experience ever despite being in a venue that was standing room only (which was clearly unintentional). It was around 6hrs of standing by the time the show was over and I only got in the queue 30mins prior to the doors opening.


We all wanted Claudia to make an appearance but with her schedule and other jobs in the US it felt like there was no way she would be over here for this so the reception in her home town was super genuine.


I met them afterwards and they couldn't have been more gracious. I'm not a photo and autograph person but I couldn't resist the latter and got them to sign the book I brought with me. (PFT did one and Scott did the other);



..And for those interested in breaking down the history in a better read than Wiki this is for you;


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This was a super hilarious episode. I love Claudia and her pie song!


"In order of appearance. I'm from the theatre."

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Calvin Redding has my laughing like an insane person.


This times a thousand - this was an all around fantastic episode: I always love Claudia, but her "supportive" rapport with ALW was so good, and it stopped PFT sin his tracks everal times. But Mike Hanford's hay salesman... my god, the effort it must take to keep everything just SO MUNDANE: It's like watching him tip toe around any yes-and or punchline opportunity - such skillful evasion! And Scott's growing "frustration"... I loved it.


I was also SO happy that the "Haypenny god bless you" got the rich groan it deserved.

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