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August 29 - Astor Theatre, Perth, WA

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Our final stop on the Comedy Bang! Bang! tour is on the other side of the country at the Astor Theatre in Perth. Scott catches up some more with John Lennon (Mike Hanford) who muses on a few more business ideas. John also chats about the Christmas songs he and Paul McCartney wrote, which provokes a visit from Santa (Paul F. Tompkins) and Ho-Ho the Naughty Elf (Lauren Lapkus), culminating in a rap battle.



Here on Howl

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"Why didn't you write the song 'Ghostbusters'?"

"Because I was dead!"


As a Vancouver show attendee, I am pleased to share Santa and Ho-Ho with the people of Perth! I love when Santa becomes very angry with Scott or Ho-Ho and when Ho-Ho goes out of his way to annoy Santa as much as possible.

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