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Episode 13 - Hasan Minhaj: Hamilton's Tupac Factor

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Comedian and actor Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show, Homecoming King) is here to remind you that America itself is an immigrant story. He and Travon discuss why dissonance is patriotic and ponder how to make Hamilton tickets more accessible to black and brown families. Plus, they dissect why the Hamilton-Burr feud shares similarities with the beef between Jay Z and Nas.



This week's question is for our international listeners: given that Hamilton is a musical about U.S. history, what turned you into a Hamilhead? Give us a call at 937-9MYSHOT.

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I love Hasan so gd much! This was maybe one of my favorite episode aired now because it was just so filled to the brim with brilliance!


Also down here we say shit like, "Bless your heart," as a nice insult when someone is dumb as rocks lol.

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