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Episode 160 - Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, Our Close Friends

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It's not too late to do the preparations for nohorseman's signature Thanksgiving dish: sweet potato souffle with homeade marshmallows. A tremendous pain in the hiney to make, it really feels like you're contributing heavily to your Thanksgiving goings on. Don't even f with it if you don't have a stand mixer and a thermometer.


Does your pal noho make the sugar cane syrup or just buy a bottle of Karo? please... that is the question of a fool. Don't insult me, of course I make the syrup, it makes for a much 'cleaner' sugary finish on the homeade marshmallows, that can taste a little vulgar with HFCS.


Tonight is marshmallow night for yours truly, before I, sticky with syrup, kneel beside my bed and wish so fervently for a new episode.

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In studying HH extensively, I consider this the principle of Sëandingers Cat. Are the boys making fun of the thing they're ostensibly making fun of? Or are they satirically making fun of the people who make fun of the thing they make fun of? Or are they coming back around one more time and making fun of those who make fun of those who make fun of stuff?


The Principle of Sëandingers Cat says that unless you can look inside the mind of Sean or Hayes to concretely determine which one, they are simultaneously doing all three.



That's right a good post there. What I was trying to point out connects with the ambiguity you've noted. What I find so brilliant about this episode in particular is that people from either side of the "issue" (for lack of a better term), can listen and come away feeling as if their position has been defended.


Maybe this extends to an observation about political polarity, maybe it's simply comedy for laffing and laff's sake.

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