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Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

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I feel like the novelty of 'asking the most important people the least important questions' is starting to wear off, and it's unfortunate for Totally Laime that they can't rely on sketch to pump up their show.

It could be because of their accents that I like them so much, but the Little Dum Dum Club seems to have the most consistent charm and humor. And their schtick of being a couple of goofy friends hasn't worn out. They are the only podcast in the competition that I've downloaded full episodes of, too.

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I'm loving the show and I assume like most that Totally Laime and the Dum-Dum Club will be the Final Two, and I'm totally okay with that. They're the only two podcasts I've downloaded and added to my regular listening roster. The conspiracy theorists are totally bizarre. If Earwolf wanted to "fix" it for TL, they could just...you know...add TL to their podcast family, no "challenge" necessary. It really is that simple. My hope is that if the Challenge comes back next year there will be a new host who isn't constantly "confused" by noises and skits that have more than one premise or is irrationally biased against certain types of ideas. Matt's a real downer and the only part I don't like at all.

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The only one I've added to my list is LHR, I've already listened to their first five and find them quite amusing.

And to be honest, I'm very actively pulling for them because I believe the others, while interesting, are too much like most of the others Earwolf already has, while LHR would add a different spice to the Earwolf stew.

If I had to rank the 5 right now I'd say . . .

1. Left Handed Radio
2. Bob and Dancast
3. The F Plus
4. Totally Laime
5. Little Dum-Dum Club

I like them all, although it seems to me that the Dum-Dum's accents are approximately 98% of what the judges talk about with them and it gets a bit old.

But hey, Beginnings was quickly dispatched, so the Challenge is still way on my good side.

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@Jonathan - I've listened to full episodes of each of those five remaining shows now and I rank them exactly the same way, although I might swap 4 & 5 depending on the guests.

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