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"He's RENATO one minute, LEROY the next. Mama mia, is this homie confused!" - the back of the DVD case


What would happen if Whoopi Goldberg and Paul Mooney dropped their baby in a river and the baby was found and raised by a couple Italian stereotypes? Obviously that baby would grow up thinking he was Italian despite looking like Turk from Scrubs.


Roughly twenty years later, his birth parents rediscover Turk and now he has to learn how to be black., which obviously involves playing basketball and wearing a dashiki (no black people were involved with writing this movie). Also Tony Soprano's daughter is his Jewish girlfriend and the fourth-best member of N*Sync is his Italian best friend.


Homie Spumoni takes place in a world where everyone is racist to everyone else all the time. You'll see:

  • An Irish man being racist toward Italian people
  • An Italian man being racist toward Jewish people
  • A Jewish woman being racist toward black people
  • A black man being racist toward black people because he thinks he's Italian
  • and more!


It also features the most insane and completely unnecessary plot twist I have ever seen! It's just an incredible mess of a film.

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did not know this film existed before it was mentioned on the minisode, I may have sought it out and watched it yesterday............

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