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Episode 107 - Black Orpheus vs. City of God (w/ Justin Chang)

Black Orpheus vs. City of God  

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  1. 1. Which film should enter The Canon?

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And now Orpheus has gone ahead again by 1 vote, so I'll say it's a fair assessment to give the spot to that movie, in a squeaker.

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Catching up with old episodes.

Haven't listened to the episode yet, but City of God is such a boy's movie. All about charismo and bluster, yes, while being quite thoughtful with the real effects of these, but I feel I've seen many versions of this film. Though, the highly kinetic filmmaking and watchability is pretty terrific, alongside the setting.


Black Orpheus, with its glamorisation of the slums and almost constant drum rhythms has a really interesting angle to Brazil. Unfortunately, as a potential gendered contrast to City of God, the 1950's comes pretty hard RE gender dynamics. A shrill ex, a pure angelic love interest and the sassy best friend (Cousin). It creates a real cool atmosphere with the literal non-stop partying, and cool locations, but sadly it's a bit dated in themes, even with its origins in Greek Myth.


I'm glad I saw these two, and won't be disappointed with either getting in, but...

I'll give it to City of God.

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