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Episode 111 - Lost in Translation vs. Marie Antoinette (w/ Stephanie Zacharek)

Episode 111 - Lost in Translation vs. Marie Antoinette (w/Stephanie Zacharek)  

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  1. 1. Should "Lost in Translation" or "Marie Antoinette" enter The Canon?

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    • Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette on the other hand cannot be interpreted as a commentary on French 18th century politics with its rabid consumerism and post punk soundtrack, it is pure fairy tail without the fairy tail ending. I think Marie Antoinette accomplishes all the sophisticated character analysis of Lost in Translation without any of its cringe worthy aspects by going harder and not bothering to be historically accurate. Marie Antoinette has a more mature vision then Lost in Translation, it knows what it wants and takes it.


It's funny how films work on people: I've had the exactly inverse reaction to Marie Antoinette's anachronistic soundtrack and shopping montage sequence. I think it is precisely these elements that comment on French 18th century society and make it more understandable: It makes me think that self-indulgent consumerism as a form of reaction to a trapped situation always has existed.

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I want to talk about Nicholson and Zacharek together. I found the duo enchanting. Such a pleasure to hear smart commentary through the eyes of women devoted to film making and movies. This is rare and a true revelation. I found myself listening and thinking, "Yes, I know what you mean." They found points of interest in context new and old, film and reality, gender and class; and always a distinct female, yes feminist, sensibility. I have to say I liked the girlishness of their voices and laughter and pleasure together - a quality under-appreciated in general, if not downright disparaged. Nicholson picked the perfect two films and filmmaker (Sofia Coppola) for this very special episode. Obviously, I was wowed. So much so, I knew I had to figure out this convoluted website to register and post an appreciation of Amy Nicholson.


And then I wondered, 40 years ago would Amy have been a Paulette? She wasn't the girlish type, but boy could she think!

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Studied Lost in Translation for high school; one of those films that becomes better the more you talk about it. It tackles so many modern issues in an interconnected society with so many cultures meshing in interesting ways.


Marie Antoinette is harder to get inside of- I thought it was doing interesting commentary on the way ditzy superficial people dip back and forth from feeling empty to feeling completely whole in doing their stupid activities, but it seems the films is more or less on her side; which in the age of Millionaires and Billionaires destroying the planet, is something I am totally not in the mood for, regardless how oblivious they are.


Lost in Translation definitely.

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