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Episode 520 - Dead Body Rap

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CBB OG Rob Huebel joins Scott to talk about his new YouTube Red show “Do You Want To See A Dead Body?”, his idea for an all whispering podcast, and to play a bit of his rap single “Dead Body Rap.” Then, British comedian Joe Squib stops by from London to promote his podcast “Don’t Pet the Pony and Here’s a Question” and his new book “Malice In Wonderwhat.” Plus, Chandeline Jean, a single mother with no kids stops by to talk about why motherhood is a state of mind.

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This podcast is where I hear the most rap in my life.

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I could not stop laughing at how bad Will's accent was.


I liked how it was both bad AND inconsistent.

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Will's excerpt from "Malice in Wonder-What" was so fucking spot on as a Douglas Adams parody/homage...

but i mean, it's terrible, but also genius.

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