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kev-bot 4000

Watch Out, PFT!

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You guys, I swear I'm not mad, I actually even really appreciate the effort to give proper credit or whatever, but MY BRAAAAAND


kevin mcclain google = booty sweat

kevbot 4000 google = all my stuff


Besides, that's my old human name anyway; ever since I got inspector gadget'd I go by kb_4K.


Anyway, to show there's no hard feelings and that I still love you and am in love with you, here's a new plug theme








I'm on my favorite show (top 5 at least)

But I know

There's not much left to go (until next week)

But there are plugs

Bouncing off the walls

Ricocheting, demustaching Paul F. Tompkins

The Big Announcement is

The name of my band now on streaming services

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