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Green? with Lance Bangs

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Director Lance Bangs joins Adam Scott Aukerman to discuss R.E.M.’s sixth studio album Green. They’ll talk about R.E.M.’s partial reunion in Portland, when Lance first heard of the band, and how Lance began to know the band and start collaborating with them. Plus, Scott and Scott tell us a little bit more about themselves on an episode of “Talkin’ Bout Me.”

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great ep.


for anyone who hasn't actually seen the thimbles skit (the story of everest), it's pretty amazing, and the end is one of the best moments from mr. show ever.



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A lot of interesting stories on this one, loved it.


I saw Filthy Friends last year at the Teragram here in LA. It was really awesome, a smallish venue that wasn't remotely crowded. So I went up to the front and stood beneath Peter Buck and watched him play guitar up close. I did always wonder if Adam Scott was there haha! They remind me more of Sleater-Kinney than anything REM-ish but it's a cool side project for sure.


Also it's obvious that the Scotts hanging backstage with members of REM is a prelude to them coming on the podcast, right? (That's what happened with U2.)

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