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Cameron H.

Listener Rankings

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I made a Letterboxd list as well after doing so on paper. 

I made the list after listening three episodes in. Then I've added each new film right before listening to the new episode. Right now it goes: 

Citizen Kane
All About Eve
Wizard of Oz 
King Kong
Bonnie and Clyde
The French Connection
The General 
Ben Hur
The Shawshank Redemption
Swing Time


Much of my personal ranking is weighted on how "cinematic" it is. Which is why Titanic and Platoon might place so high (at least, so far) and it's a testament to how much I liked All About Eve that it gets the second place so far.  

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The recent string of really good movies is screwing with my list.  I've already added Singing in the Rain and Double Indemnity to my list.  My top five is a mess--I'm not even sure what my number 1 is at this point.  

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