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How "Death Race 2000" hasn't made it onto HDTGM is beyond me. 

Set in a dystopian future, the most popular form of entertainment is the death race, a cross country race that also serves as government sanctioned population control. As the racers drive, they score points by killing pedestrians along the way. Each pair of racers have a specially modified car that fits their particular theme (two Nazis in a "buzzbomb" carmann ghia, a cowgirl/cowboy in a bull-shaped car with horns, etc). All the while, comically gory deaths ensue. In one scene, staff at a retirement home wheel their patients into the street for what Frankenstein (a part man part machine driver played by David Carradine) refers to a "euthanasia day." His hot headed rival, Machine Gun Joe Viturbo (played by Sly Stallone), makes it his mission to destroy him, and most of his own fans. 

The movie is produced by Roger Corman, who also produced 414 other horribly corny movies like "Big Bad Mama" and "Slumber Party Massacre."

The full movie is currently available for free on YouTube. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, even if not for the show.

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Please do this movie... I 2nd this request. I love this movie, it is so fabulously awful. Sylvester's terrible attitude towards women, and generally throughout the movie. Over done announcer, cheesy crashes, it's cartoonishly amazing. 

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This movie has everything. A young Sly Stallone, David Carradine as a sex symbol, misogyny.  I can’t believ this one hasn’t been done yet! (Also, I’ve seen this movie more times than is reasonable, it one of my favorite terrible movies). 





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If anything, this shouldn't be covered as it was a satire for the times and worked well in that regard, what should be covered are either the first remake with Statham or the most recent sequel done by Corman, which is truly awful. The latter is interesting as it loses complete sight of the original's meaning or humor, and replaced nearly all of the practical effects with horrible CGI.

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