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3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995)

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So I've done a search of this forum and did not see this so I am soooooo recommending this!!! I am watching it right now and it is just insane. All the 3 Ninjas movies are bad and deserve to be done, but this one is maybe the most insane. Just to give you all a taste:

-The evil henchmen think nothing of full on assaulting and even trying to MURDER children.

-At a pizza parlor, the henchmen out their hands on a little girl, shove her, throw her to the ground, pour beer all over her and this only gets them some mild stern looks from other adults. It's only 3 children that come to this girl's aid. 

-Said little girl decides that these 3 young boys are exactly who she needs to rescue her kidnapped father.

-There's a Native American story that is handled about as tastefully as you would expect. 

-The 3 Ninjas are at one point dressed totally in Native American clothing and it feels way more offensive then when Zack Morris dressed as an Indian for his school project. 

I feel like I am watching a literal hate crime and I have 45 minutes left of this movie.

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Yea they shot this one back to back with the first movie. So you have to imagine most of the cast and crew were more than likely running on fumes when they filmed this. 

And insanely enough the second movie in the series was actually the third one filmed. Which as child completely confused the shit out of me. Because when you watch the second movie in the series the only kid who stayed from the original was Colt. Then this movie came out, which not only had all three kids, but Colt looked significantly younger.

So if you watch these movies in the order released it gives the distinct impression that Colt is essentially Benjamin Button. 

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