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  1. 1. Does "Unforgiven" deserve its spot on the AFI List?

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10 hours ago, ol' eddy wrecks said:

Maybe the group has gotten more antagonistic in tone since I stopped reading (I don't recall ever seeing posts dedicated to Amy's use of the word "incel", so as a time reference, that means it's probably been a while) - or it was more antagonistic in tone than what I remember.  I recall there was brief spike in negativity of tone of the comments in the group at one point and Kate posted she got a complaint (concerns?) from someone involved with the podcast about it.  I recall the nature of the complaints were subtly less antagonistic in nature after that, but the quantity still kind of wore thin with me (hence my comment about FB's UX above).  Maybe it's gotten worse again.


It got worse again. Kate had to come back in and make an announcement to JUST LEAVE AMY ALONE! It was straight up t to b bonkers how much people were picking on her. Some real douchebags too. One post I saw literally was damning Amy because she didn't understand something in The Searchers was a metaphor and I've never seen someone cut someone else down the way this topic did, and I just had to comment and say "Oh wow, it's almost as if no two people see a movie the same way and people can have different opinions on something."

Amy is the best and I love listening to her point of views on movies and I'm extremely thankful for Paul bringing her into my life because I legit never listened to The Canon before and since I'm such a HDTGM super fan this was a great intro to her!

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I realize I'm behind, and that this is a month and a half late, but small thing I noticed and wondered about.  Annoying Paul, Amy played Epic Rap Battle's Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee.  I like ERB myself, not everyone has to, that's fine, but has anyone pointed out to him that the guy who was rapping as Clint Eastwood in the video, Epic Lloyd, is the same guy who played his, or rather, Andre's porn double actor, in The League's second and third seasons?

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