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Imagine the plot of Taken --- but make the movie slower, the actors sound sleepy, and Jason Patric instead of Liam Neeson ... you get the idea.

A very laughable action movie that I'm only suggesting because it's currently on Netflix so you don't have to pay to watch it. It is oddly amusing to see how hard Bruce Willis can not care when taking on a leading role. Shoot-em-up scenes so predictable it's like watching a guy in a video game just waltz in, take a few guys down, then continue on his stroll.

The best acting performance here comes via 50 Cent. Not to disrespect him and his abilities, but he shouldn't be the best here. It's a shame he only gets 2-3 minutes in the movie.



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2 hours ago, SlidePocket said:

Another film with John Cusack that is very beneath him.

He's in like 6 total minutes. How long do you think they needed him -- 2 days?

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