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Episode 78 — G the D a C

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None more appearances, please. The first post should be revised to read "Paul F. Tompkins, the suited gentleman you all know and love, has returned"


Yes, there's always plenty of energy with Paul, but it rarely seems genuine. It feels more like refocused contempt for the audience. I'm not a hater, and I don't think I'm projecting here, I just get a vibe from him like he doesn't really enjoy what he's doing. And it was disapoining to see him come up again when there are so many other funny people who have yet to be on, like:


Weird Al

Chelsea Peretti

Aziz Ansari

Patton Oswalt

Maria Bamford

Jon Glaser

Morgan Murphy

Kristen Schaal

Joe Mande

Donald Glover

John Mulaney

Kurt Braunohler

Jerry Minor

Tig Notaro

Rich Fulcher

Dino Stamatopoulos

Reggie Watts

Demetri Martin

Peter Serafinowicz

Hannibal Buress

Jon Benjamin

Myq Kaplan

Eugene Mirman

Leo Allen

Kevin Nealon

A.D. Miles

Aisha Tyler

Todd Glass

either of The Sklar Brothers

Boo. To you.

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