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Earwolf at Bumbershoot 2012?

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To whom it may concern,


What are the chances that Earwolf will make an appearance at this year's Bumbershoot? I was at the first of three live CBB shows during last year's festival, and I was transformed from a fledgeling listener into the man you see before you. A Scottmitzvah, if you will.


The festival site has yet to announce any of their comedy lineup, but the sooner I know whether to invest in a 3-day pass, the better. (Kidneys are surprisingly difficult to move on the black market.)

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Someone asked Paul F. Tompkins on Twitter what the chances were of him appearing at Bumbershoot this year to which Tompkins replied "Chances = 100%". So there's something anyways.

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Haven't seen this announced elsewhere: Bumbershoot announced their comedy line-up not long ago and, in addition to friends-of-the-show like Tompkins and Adomian and Benson and Posehn, Earwolf's very own How Did This Get Made will be appearing all three days.

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