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Elektra Boogaloo

Episode 258.5 - Minisode 258.5

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Another Quar Chat with Jason, pizza in a skillet, and much more on this week’s minisode! Paul offers up advice on the Help Line, goes through Corrections and Omissions from Lawnmower Man 2, and announces next week’s movie.

Get tix for any upcoming live-streamed shows and listen to the Transformers For Charity episode over at https://www.hdtgminfo.com/

I guess this forum is irrelevant now. 

I do have an Audible account, but if people want to listen to a lot of audiobooks, I highly recommend Libro.fm or your local library. Not only is Amazon, the owner of Audible (and Mercari, i’ll add) problematic in it’s own right, Audible has recently been accused of a lax return policy being used to cheat authors out of royalties. Further, all those “Audible originals” that they promote are not made available to libraries the way most audiobooks are. So if you  support libraries and librarians, get your audiobooks there instead! 

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Agreed, I live in Seattle and Amazon sucks for a variety of reasons. Discord is fun, but I decided to pop back over here because I miss the message boards. Thanks for the recommendations!

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