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Dan Quinn, an ex meth addict and amateur MMA fighter thinks that the natural sugar substitute stevia can cure cancer, acts like a better stimulant than cocaine and also creates cold fission when you blend it with water.


Theres hundreds of his videos of him ranting about stevia, his sexual technique called the violin and other stories going on mindless tangents so it was hard to choose one particular video.


This is one of his shorter ones, a lot of them he rants for over 10 minutes.

He snorts stevia powder around 30 seconds in, then talks about it being like cocaine.

After a minute in he starts showing his cold fission blender technique.

Then he proceeds to go into how he can market his stevia water.



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love the show, Matt.  this clip is 6 min long but you really only need the first 3 min to get the gist of the song. i think the talk up at the beginning is the best.

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Thought this was fake at first, but it's an ACTUAL commercial for this guy's mobile home business. Production value + apathy: together at last.


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