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Independent candidate running against the long-standing incumbent for State Representative in MN.  The short video is at the bottom of the page (sorry, there doesn't seem to be a YouTube version).  His script is about as straightforward as you get for a campaign video until you get to the last sentence... then he drops and intensely delivered N-bomb, which will effectively startle a large majority of Minnesotans. 

It's title is "1st Commercial-servant of the people" which leads me to believe that it will air on TV at some point and gain attention, but for now there seems to be no "buzz" around his bold closing line.

He's a legitimate candidate, but the direction he goes in this video might be spun into comedy gold; it could even be a segment where Matt reaches out to him to ask for his reasoning behind it (and timely with elections happening - GET OUT AND VOTE IN NOVEMBER PEOPLE!).

Thank you for efforts each week in creating I4H episodes!


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On 8/24/2018 at 1:14 PM, LankySasquatch said:

but for now there seems to be no "buzz" around his bold closing line.

Several news outlets have picked up on the story and all have the same generic info. Would be interesting to really hear the reasoning/mindset when going forth with this campaign idea.

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That voice is everything.... hahaha! you should watch all of his videos, they are each just as ridiculous 

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Minnesota Redneck Holidazzle feat. fresh deer skin holiday float

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Start at 1:20, he smoothly transitions from an informative gardening host to psychotic animal killer, then goes right back to gardening. 

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