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Episode 171 — Scrog Secretions

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I was really blown away by the music. I played the songs for my wife and daughter's because they just sounded amazing. I love it when some cool other talents are found by these already amazingly talented comedians. Great episode.


Yeah, the music was really amazing. Of all the musical guests Scott's had on so far, including those of whom I was already a fan before the CBB episode aired, this was by far my favorite performance. Especially the wonderful cover of "Now Is The Cool Of The Day." Just really, really great. Megan's voice is striking and remarkably well-suited for that haunting Appalachian melody. Kindly note that I did at least hesitate before using the phrase, "haunting" to describe the vocals, and please accept my apologies.


P.S. Remember that one-shote Nick Kroll character, the indie mucician from Coachella? Didn't he say that his only goal was for somebody "to describe his vocals as haunting?" Shocked that it didn't come up again.

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I shouldn't think that Baby is such a good character. He's a baby who says inappropriate things....we covered that in Look Who's Talking. However, it kills me every time.

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I have to remember to not listen to Comedy Bang Bang on my I Pod when I'm out in public. I look like I might be having a psychotic break because I'm giggling so much. The story about the frog and the Scorpion was a wonderful distorted rendition.

I loved the song that Megan and Stephanie sang; "In The Cool of the Day". Would it be possible to make a downloadable track of it on ITunes or in your shop? I would buy.

Love your show. It's fun, creative, and at times deliciously asinine.

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