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Season 4: Game 5 - PISTOL SHRIMPS RADIO 10/18/16

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The Shrimps take on the The Lisas at Lake Street Gym. Matt Gourley, and just Matt Gourley calls the action. Mark is in Hawaii and what a jerk.


The Shrimps on Twitter: @pistolshrimpsbb

The Shrimps on Instagram: @thepistolshrimps

Pistol Shrimps Radio on Twitter: @shrimpsradio

Pistol Shrimps Radio on Instagram: @pistolshrimpsradio


Matt Gourley on Twitter and IG: @mattgourley

Mark McConville on Twitter and Instagram: @markmcconville

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I hope someday to find a lady who podcasts at me the way Fun Buns podcasts at Matt

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As much as I love Matt and Mark together, it was incredibly fun to hear Matt's descent into madness. And the moment with Amanda where he says "oh, we are so meant to be" was super sweet.

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