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I honestly can't tell if this was made as a joke. From carving a penis head into the vegetable with his teeth, the blatant psuedo-science, and then grabbing himself at the end... I just can't tell.

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Just stumbled upon this video of a woman saving a parking spot. Couple who is trying to park is extremely dedicated to parking in this spot, and the woman blocking is just as determined. I'm also kind of put off by the guy in the car saying "go away woman"

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Not a YouTube clip but thought you’d find this funny— my local newspaper in Nova Scotia.


The backstory is this guys 6-year-old daughter got on the wrong school bus... he waited at the bus stop for her and she wasn’t one of the children that got off the bus. She was fine, the driver of the bus she got on figured it out and brought her home (I live in a really small town where everyone knows each other). This guy was so furious over it he went to the Post and was put on the front page with this headline:


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I guess there's people, or at least this one guy, who gets stung by bugs on youtube professionally. Here is a fun bit of a video with him trying to get stung by a bullet ant.




I put it in code tags because its a long video and you want to see this part specifically



and if you need to see this idiot actually get stung, it happens later at



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Both videos are actually kind of sad; but there was a couple parts I couldn't help but chuckle at a little bit.  I actually read up on the guy in the first video, apparently he died a while later after the surgery of a heart attack, unrealated to mass on his testicles btw, but I thought you guys should be informed.   I'm just going to put the videos here and you guys do what you want with them.  Worth the watch either way.     


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