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  1. voichicoski


  2. i think therefore i am with stupid
  3. garfield might hate mondays and love lasagna but i hate lasagna and love mondays so screw you, garfield!
  4. nintendo, nintendon't. it nintendoesn't matter.
  5. if you're really such a loser, beck, how come you can speak spanish? that's some pretty good education for a quote-unquote loser!
  6. voichicoski


  7. boogers. gross, right?
  8. i have a tattoo that says "i have a tattoo that says" and i stand by it!
  9. the benny hill song at half speed captures perfectly the speed of real life
  10. i'm the leader of a cult that is all about me hating myself. drink the kool-aid, baby!
  11. somebody stop me - i am jim carrey's the mask and i'm going to commit mass murder
  12. yes, mr officer. i'm a shareware sharer. it's shareware! you have to share it, sheriff!
  13. every person in every laugh track in every sitcom is dead now.
  14. as you all know the old saying, i don't.