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  1. 13 minutes ago, GrahamS. said:

    I wanted to pick a good Halloween-themed movie with an emphasis on the soundtrack, so I went with... The Guest (I don’t think we’ve done it, or at least I didn’t see it on Cameron’s Letterboxed list)!

    it’s unfortunately rental-only, as far as I can tell, so if people object to that (which I totally get, given our national shitshow) I can come up with choices that are more widely available (my second choice would be Us, but again that’s only on HBO).

    It's widely available in the States.

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  2. Off-topic: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pandemic YouTube channel has branched from only his shows.  Starting tomorrow through Sunday they're showing a stage version of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds.  A rock musical from 1978, they updated it and called it The New Generation (with Liam Neeson as The Narrator).  I was introduced to the original 30 years ago and was a big fan for a while.  I just bought the new version CDs and have the original version on the way.  (I can't justify buying the multi-disc special edition.  That's too much for something I only listen to occasionally.

    EDIT: The schedule is from 2 pm Eastern (7 pm UK) on Friday the 23rd, to 2 pm Eastern on Sunday the 25th.  They are fastidious about pulling down the video but usually will post a small clip afterward. 


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  3. 5 hours ago, gigi-tastic said:

    I mentioned in the Kast as a kid I wanted to be a war evacuee because of this and the Chronicles of Narnia. I basically was one because my mom had a job where she wss a quality auditor in blood banking and was gone every other week for a week around the country and sometimes internationally. So I had not quite nannies but more than just babysitters.  The Narnia kids mom was still alive when they were sent away because of the bombings fyi. I assumed I would get to goon a magical adventure. One of my one time last minute babysitters let me have Jack in the Box for breakfast and watch Titanic in her room all day. 

    This episode of the home-improvement show George to the Rescue has them remodeling a bedroom for a cancer patient who loves books.  There are Wardrobe-inspired touches. (The reveal starts at 17:15.)


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  4. 1 minute ago, AlmostAGhost said:

    Isn't that the whole set-up? That's why they were sent to her house in the first place, when she was like 'I don't want them in my house'. It was her war duty to take some orphans in

    The evacuees included children who had parents.

    Young Pam and Iris Hobbs were just two of the millions of children in England who were evacuated from cities and towns during World War II, in what was dubbed “Operation Pied Piper.” The mass evacuations were intended to keep British children safe — or safer, theoretically — from German air raids, while their parents stayed behind to work and help out with war efforts.

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  5. Apologies for threadjacking.  I hadn't meant to but was having fun joking around.

    As for the movie, my biggest "quibble" is that they still tried to make it Mary Poppins once they already had secured and then made Mary Poppins.  They should have gone back and said "What made these books popular on their own?" or at least "What first interested us in the books?" and gone with that.  It's almost like they were trying to make a direct-to-video sequel of Mary Poppins.

    The other fatal flaw was cutting the length of the movie to fit the Radio City Music Hall.  Not only did it change the film (quoted below) but the trimmed parts were lost or hard to restore.  So, everyone across the country has seen a version that was done to accommodate one specific location!

    Here's a quote from Richard Sherman about losing the children singing Nobody's Problems.


    A very important song, yes. Again, here’s the thing. I hate to go over sadness, but that was a very important song to us. Because it was not only the fact that Eglantine Price wanted to really have someone of her own, because she didn’t have anybody and she was all by herself, but also the fact that the children had lost their parents, they were actually orphans, war orphans, and had lost their parents in the Blitz. So, there we are with the kids and we had a song, a version of them singing, “Nobody’s problem are we.” And then, later in the story, when Eglantine realizes that she’s gonna be all by herself again, because after this wonderful experience together, Emelius went back. He was afraid to make commitments. He was afraid to say I love you. So, he ran away. And so, there was that beautiful reprise of the song, and it was very meaningful as such. Unfortunately, both versions were totally and completely ripped out of the picture. I’ll never forget how miserable we felt. That was the heartbeat of the picture and they took it out. I still feel very pained about that. Now, they found one version of it, the reprise and did a restored version with a beautiful vocal by Eglantine. But it would have had twice the poignancy if you’d heard those three little war orphans singing Nobody’s Problem early in picture. Then, you would have really cared about those kids. It was a very, very, very important song.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    If you're wondering how on the ball award ceremonies are, Angela Lansbury was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical in 1971 for this film. She lost to Twiggy in a movie called The Boy Friend. The other nominees were equally obscure, at least to me. In fact, the only nominated actress in a film I've heard of is Ruth Gordon as Maude in Harold and Maude -- which she totally should have won.

    I guess Bedknobs and Brromsticks and Harold and Maude had the last laugh, huh? 


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