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  1. AmyNicholson

    Swing Time

    (Hi! Same! Hello everyone -- love reading everyone's thoughts about the films we're watching together!)
  2. Oh Clint. I'm so sorry. Hugs to you and your family. I've been there. Take care of yourself. XO.
  3. AmyNicholson

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone. I haven't said much publicly because this has all been really hard. But when I saw people sharing their Letterboxd accounts, it hit home that this has become a community. It's incredible. I never imagined that two film geeks arguing in a room would wind up creating THIS. A lot of people are wondering what's going to happen with the show, and the answer is, I don't know? Devin is a one-of-a-kind, special person in my life who, despite our arguments, and despite this week, I love very much. It's hard for me to imagine the show without him. And it's also hard to imagine saying goodbye to this community and the amazing conversations about film we've been having. I'm so proud of what we've all built. Earwolf has been great. The word I keep using is "family." They geninuely care about both me and Devin, and they're giving me space to think it over and come to whatever choice is best. It's a process and I'm not sure how long it will take. But I just wanted to say thank you for being supportive of me and the show and Devin and, as so many of you have, victims of sexual assault. For what it's worth, the Devin I call a friend has grown so much from the Devin he was, and he's continuing to grow. As you know well, he used his voice in part to try to define what makes a person good. As he takes that struggle privately, I hope we all join him in self-reflection and include the thought that human lives aren't as simple as good versus bad. Bye for now. I'll check in again.
  4. AmyNicholson

    Episode #87: THE GENERAL (1926)

    Inspired by Rob Molecule's too-cruel suggestion of Keaton v. Chaplin. (Which might seem less cruel once they both get an episode.) Enjoy your week off from voting, since Devin is sooooooo cool and traveling all the time. We'll be back with Buster on 8/1!
  5. AmyNicholson

    Poll - Should ANTICHRIST be in The Canon?

    Thank YOU Shannon! We all really appreciate you helping us make the transition over from Wolfpop In fact, to celebrate that we can now format text: THANK YOU!!