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  1. KaylaGreet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    The whole thing is on youtube for free.
  2. KaylaGreet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Now I haven't read all the comments here so far, but how did HDTGM not mention Rick talking about his mom's ass to her? At the 35 minute mark she's asking about when he's gonna get his grades. He pulls a three card monte switcheroo about which week he's supposed to get them instead of telling her he flunked because he made a joke about a corpse in Speech 101. Then to further distract her, he grabs her by the waist and says "Oooh you're losing your memory. But you've got a great ass though! And that's why I love you!" Did anyone else catch that?!? I felt like Paul was almost there. He played just about everything from that scene except when Rick picks her up. Also, "Neither, the baby never showed up." is an insane line from the sister! And was this movie the inspiration for the moniker of the rapper Slick Rick?
  3. He doesn't remember much but does have a memory of John Travolta having dinner with him and his parents. Here's a picture his mom shared of him and JT on set. Also, Robert is the subject of his own documentary called Wizard Mode which is so good. He's autistic and one of the greatest pinball players in the world.
  4. My friend Robert played Mikey's double in this movie. Should I call 1-800-PAUL-ASS?
  5. I was a little disappointed to hear Matt misquote a classic line from The Big Lebowski. The Goodman line about "You see what happens when you 'find a stranger in the alps'" is directed at a kid named Larry, not Buscemi's character Donny. So there you go.