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  1. So...this is a grammatically fucked sentence and I can't delete it. The more you know...
  2. dog_in_space

    Some Guidelines on Suggestions

    Suggestion then that meets all the criteria. "The Reflecting Skin." Completely free and available on YouTube, made in 1990, co-stars a young Viggo Mortensen, and has a premise that would make Uwe Boll call bullshit.
  3. I'm just really confused about OP's phrasing of...well...everything. Something about a LoTR trilogy and something about documentaries.
  4. dog_in_space

    The Reflecting Skin (1990)

    Recently watched this one. A friend's girlfriend brought casually suggested we watch the DVD she just happened to have. I really thought she may have been mentally unbalanced. But with the passing of time, I watched it again, and it really is a beautiful movie. But all the same, how the fuck did this movie get made? Early Viggo Mortensen is very unsettling. The mother waterboarded the child. The sheriff's monologue about how he received his wounds is unintentionally hilarious. The twin sisters making weird noises is never explained. The weird "greaser"-like gang is horrifying in implication. The premise alone is so weird: a vampire movie not about vampires, a coming of age story about a child that could give Damien a run for his money, a murder mystery that everyone seems comfortable blaming on the immolated and closeted father, a time period that is both non-specific and confusing, and a tragic yet creepy love story. I think a lot of cocaine was consumed in Hollywood that day.
  5. Nothing, really. Just reading the submissions and finding myself very sad. They are not worthy of dear, sweet, loving Scotty Auxerman and his supple, yet tender lips.
  6. dog_in_space

    Powder (1995)

    Terrible movie...to each their own...but this line from the movie has always lived on in my head as the cheesiest line with the corniest delivery: Powder: The worst day I can remember was in a hospital. Sheriff Barnum: What day was that? Powder: The day I was born. This just seemed so damn stupid.
  7. Who doesn't like to talk about their pubes?