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  1. I hate to be a pedant but it shouldn’t be a wedding ring it should be a wedded ring.
  2. Thanks for all your hard work! Will miss coming to the forums but it makes sense.
  3. I preferred Maron before he went electric.
  4. Is Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious because of VIN numbers?
  5. Does anyone know any differences between men and women? I think I’ve got an idea for a joke.
  6. There once was was a woman named Elisabeth Shue. She appeared in “Leaving Las Vegas” and “Back to the Future: Part 2”.
  7. Thanks to autocorrect instead of going to a hibachi restaurant I ended up at a hitachi restaurant.
  8. Trying to figure out whether or not I’m a sexpot.
  9. Stroke ‘em if you got ‘em.
  10. I prefer a blower to a shower or a grower.
  11. We regret to inform you that white boy summer has been cancelled.
  12. If ghosts don't exist then how come ghost hunting experts are so sure they do?
  13. I asked James Brown to hit me and he wouldn't do it, that coward.
  14. I fucked Benjamin Button when he was old.
  15. I love Anonymous sex but the Guy Fawkes masks do make it hard to kiss.
  16. Blow me like you know me.
  17. I love blowing Glass at the glory hole. Sorry, I mean I love sucking-off Todd, Ira and Philip through a hole in the wall.
  18. What most people don't know is that Jim Croce was hopelessly addicted to plane crashes.
  19. If you think the numbers on celebrity net worth.com are overinflated your should see the numbers on celebrity self worth.com.
  20. I Have No Pud, and I Must Tug.
  21. I’ve got a million dollar idea for a sex emoji.
  22. I love going on a road trip but I hate going on The Road trip.
  23. I got a couture butcher to nurture my suture, it was torture for sure since the butcher was a moocher.
  24. TootyBut2DButt

    After I nut, I bolt.

    After I nut, I bolt.
  25. I want to be a MILF so bad.