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  1. If you want a magnificently chiseled man-figurine to fix all of your computers for a lower middle class wage, might I suggest going with the grown up ex-fat kid that you used to bully in middle school instead?
  2. Oh Candy Boy, how sweet thou fart.
  3. MaxuPichu

    Yeehaw Meemaw!

    Watchin’ Hee Haw with MeeMaw and PeePaw on ma seesaw is a gol-darn YeeHaw!
  4. Shall we ever escape the immediate presence of eternity?

  5. What is in these chicken strips? They made me piss and shit fish and chips!
  6. It's a cool rainy north Texas noir kinda' night... alright, alright, al... bleh.

  7. I'm such a tiny fan-boy turned fan-Pipi in a Comedy Bang Bang, How Did This Get Made world!  It is LITERALLY like being a fem-bot disguised as a fem-puter ruling over a man-bot, man-puter's world!

  8. How do I get beyond wolf-pup?  I'm at least a human who feels he's a racoon sized salamander.

  9. I'm really a nice guy who wants to help people, or least not cause any harm while being a snarky bitch.

  10. MaxuPichu

    Hello Mary poo. Goodbye shit.

    Mary Poopins, shit for pickins!
  11. Glue it in the stinkhole! That's why my Pipi always said use Elmers!
  12. I think blood might be number 4 or 5...
  13. Doesn't matter how many drinks I've had I will never be confused about chicken pox on cock!
  14. North IS the TRUE direction to GOD! Is it not! If you don't agree, yer goin' ta hell! Don't puke on fish!