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  1. I think, therefore one in the stink.
  2. That’s right up my alley. And by “alley” I mean butthole, and by “that”, I mean bowling ball.
  3. Everybody was humping around, and it was hands down, the sexiest funeral in town.
  4. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. After that it’s just fun.
  5. But that? That...was a catchphrase for a different story. The end.
  6. But doctor, I am Pauly Shore.
  7. When life gives u lemons, make lemonade, but when Larry the deadly hobo gives u lemons, dispose of them as soon as ur out of his line of site, burn ur clothes and contact poison control immediately.
  8. press One for eat drink man woman, press two in the stink for pink drank sprang break!
  9. When I was a child I spoke as child, but when I became a man, I came all over the elephant mans bones.
  10. Two please for In the Mouth of Madness, and one please for In my Stink of Sadness.
  11. By the cloven wings of pan-am flight 69 four twenty, this is captain dickfart, inserting strap-on, preparing to take off pants.
  12. We don’t have liberty or death, mr Henry. Is Pepsi okay?
  13. I don’t give a rat’s ass or a mouse’s ass, but I do give a mean back rub, oh and may I offer you a gerbil’s dick?