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  1. It was Mrs Peacock in the dining room with the candlestick, now what’s this you say about a murder?
  2. Splish splash, I was jerking off into the sink.
  3. Could I get one for Pretty in Pink, and two for Shitty in Stink.
  4. Turn on your fart light, in the middle of an old man’s rim job
  5. A man. A plan. A canal. And that mans name? Panama Dan AKA Canal Joe AKA the Sand Panda.
  6. Everybody always tells me “Dress for the job you want”, but nobody ever says “Smeff por ba clob boo smaunt.”
  7. If these walls could talk, am I right? Unfortunately they can only eat, breath, and take shits, so I’m cancelling the grant money.
  8. Before we begin, does anyone here have a “deez nutz” allergy?
  9. Last fish I caught was a bullhead - barf!  

  10. And the award, for this episodes catchphrase goes to...no...no fucking way...can I say fuck? I don’t care holy fuck he did it! Captain Pukefish for meta-award announcement catchphrase! This is captain pukefish’s first catchphrase of the show.
  11. My favorite One Direction album would have to be the “North” soundtrack.
  12. It’s all part of God’s plan until he gets punched in the mouth.
  13. My boyfriends back and you’re gonna be in trouble. Not because he’s back, and this is always difficult for a doctor to have to tell someone but, you have terminal diarrhea. Oh there’s my boyfriend! Hey honeeeeeee.