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  1. And the award, for this episodes catchphrase goes to...no...no fucking way...can I say fuck? I don’t care holy fuck he did it! Captain Pukefish for meta-award announcement catchphrase! This is captain pukefish’s first catchphrase of the show.
  2. My favorite One Direction album would have to be the “North” soundtrack.
  3. It’s all part of God’s plan until he gets punched in the mouth.
  4. My boyfriends back and you’re gonna be in trouble. Not because he’s back, and this is always difficult for a doctor to have to tell someone but, you have terminal diarrhea. Oh there’s my boyfriend! Hey honeeeeeee.
  5. Don’t be fooled by the chicken pox on my cock. I’m still, I’m still Scotty fuckin Aux.
  6. My pyromaniac brother was the original Bernie bro.
  7. He was a real lunch pail guy, ya know? Just went to work late, left work early, and couldn’t really build a lunch pail for shit. Honesty, I’m kinda glad he’s dead.
  8. Skinnamarinky dinky dink, guess how I made my pinky stink.
  9. You ever burn the midnight oil at 2:30PM? It’s fuckin crazy.
  10. Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis was kind of an asshole the whole time.
  11. It’s number one in our hearts, and it’s number two soaked in farts.
  12. With a knick knack paddywhack give a dog a bone, my dad cried watching Caddyshack, jerked off to Home Alone.
  13. Remember, when you point your finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you, and one finger in the stink.
  14. Hello Mary poo. Goodbye shit.
  15. My bologna has a first name, and it has me chained in my basement. Oh god, that pile of bones! Those are children’s bones!