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  1. I just watched Jiminy Cricket stick it to Wicket. Disney+ has got everything!
  2. Go ahead and call the cops, I’ve got squatters rights on your squatty potty.
  3. Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me. It was the lead singer of smash mouth in their hit song “all star”.
  4. Haste makes waste, but so does that burrito you ate earlier muchacho.
  5. If Metallica plays Enter Sandman at the Apollo Theater, do they get swept off the stage?
  6. Orange Juice Simpson

    Buttofuoco? Buttofuoc-YOU!

    Buttofuoco? Buttofuoc-YOU!
  7. After Leaving Neverland, is it still possible to enjoy the Michael Jackson versions of all those Weird Al songs?
  8. I may be a worse piano teacher because of it, but I’m firm in my belief that Every Good Boy Deserves Hookers.
  9. I’m a lurker, I’m a twerker, I’m a midnight jerker.
  10. Ring around the Rosie, but I’d prefer not to wrestle Rosie O’Donnell.
  11. All of my vices include cheese slices.