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  1. Who died and left YOU in charge of the funeral arrangements?
  2. Baby grand piano. Never used. Inquire within.
  3. Grease, mum, or bird. Just pick a damn word!
  4. There is no tobacco. Only Juul.
  5. Knowledge is power. France is Bacon. Darth Vader Ginsburg.
  6. You bring a bongo, I bring a bong. Let's get high and percussive all night long!
  7. Weed to be legalized in Omaha: the steaks have never been higher!
  8. Go to the loo and take a poo. That's how we say "how do you do"
  9. Give me a nickel I'll touch your pickle. Give me a dime I'll do it twice because, frankly, there shouldn't be a discount at this outrageously low price.
  10. That's DOCTOR Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt to you, mister!
  11. Don't be a D hole. Call it a pee hole.
  12. Vomit free since 2003, the year of the worldwide vomiting spree!
  13. There's a luncheon in the dungeon. B Y O B and I'll bring the truncheon.