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  1. Tiny dancer in your hand. Tony Danza in the sack.
  2. Seriously, people. Vote. That's the catchphrase goddamnit. Also, butts.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mambo number six.
  4. Hold the spaghetti, prepare the confetti, when out of the cake pops Chelsea Peretti!
  5. Prepare for trouble, my butts a bubble.
  6. April Showers bring May Flowers, but Mayflowers bring June-ocide.
  7. Aristotle Chipotle

    Knives out for Harambe

    Knives out for Harambe
  8. If this vans a rockin, I'm probably being murdered.
  9. If you shoot inky from your stinky, you're a squid or so I thinky.
  10. Aristotle Chipotle

    Store Suggestion: Comedy Bang Bang Karaoke Album

    Needs more hashtag.song.goals
  11. Take some shrooms and go to IKEA. You'll be singing Mamma Mia!
  12. With two simple letters, make your misses a mistress!
  13. A human piñata. What a wonderful phrase!
  14. Who died and left YOU in charge of the funeral arrangements?
  15. Baby grand piano. Never used. Inquire within.