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  1. With great power, comes great abuse of that power to harm people who annoy you
  2. The number one cause of being horny? Horniness
  3. Was geht ab, bratwurst?
  4. Snitches get stitches.... of love
  5. DICKS.com is NOT what I thought it’d be!
  6. Great, now I know what a migraine is- looked it up, apparently it’s some sort of headache..
  7. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it fall- did it crush my cat kody?
  8. Dropping the kids off at the pool- it’s like they love that fucking water park more than the puppy they made me buy them last month
  9. I should just wear a sandwich board that says “I’m fat” yeah, that ought-a cover up my fatness
  10. I love Mike from Better Call Saul, hope he never gets turned into goo
  11. Heavily monitored for your own safety
  12. The greatest dynasty baseball trade I’ve ever made: (Yep, it’s come to this)
  13. Traded Brandon marrow/Jed lowrie/Jake arrieta for Joey Gallo - 2019 preseason Traded Gallo/chavis for Aaron judge/ Ian happ/ kolton wong - mid season Immediately traded Wong/Holland/larnach/and puig for Eugenio Suarez/jarred Kelenic*(opening a spot to pick up FA dylan carlson) *right before either prospect blew up So yeah, this is where I am emotionally right now
  14. Known to cause lead poisoning
  15. I’ll give this catchphrase an “A” for affort
  16. Guys, I’m not looking for a new catchphrase, this is just the bit I’m doing until I get “what’s up hotdog?” Back... Idiots
  17. Are you or someone you know suffering from “Jenny from the block”?
  18. Ever notice how the more you say a certain word, the less it sounds like a word? Does “kerfuckaluff” even have meaning anymore
  19. Ding dong! The witch is dead! Which old witch? The mother of six...
  20. Like tears in rain, you’re going to get double wet
  21. A man, a plan, Ted Kaczynski
  22. You say potato, I say tomato, you say we’re talking about two different things
  23. Unfortunately we only have time for two final features- the entire show, and a little something called plugs
  24. I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but Brenda, I ran over your dog
  25. These boots are made for walking, and I’m not sure what else they do