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  1. R2DC3PO

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    The Apple Tree changed my fucking life. Funniest thing I've heard for a long time, ANYWHERE.
  2. R2DC3PO

    Episode 192 — GoodFelines

    Picklefucker I could not agree more. But it has to have the drum solo too or it's just not worth it!
  3. R2DC3PO

    Episode — Perception Pt. 2

    And David Eagleman makes an appearance! And So does Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Co-incidence or tradgedy? Tig come back soon these guys need you, and your beep boop beeps...
  4. This is it: Hey Dustin I am sorry to hear you and Earwolf got killed by blue thunder!
  5. R2DC3PO

    Episode 49 — Perception Pt. 1

    David Eagleman has a great clip, it's from RadioLab but who cares. It's about how you remember life threatening situations in vivid detail because every thought you have gets burned into your memory that much stronger. "Incognito" is an incredible book and you might be able to land him as a guest on the show. Take a look at his segment on The Colbert Report! David I hope your headache goes away...
  6. R2DC3PO


    Repetition of the challenges could really improve the podcasts - For instance: Group I: Reoccurring segments, Advertisements - 5 minutes Group II: Intro Theme, Content and Concept - 6 minutes Group III: Using the guest, Outro - 7 minutes Group IV: Full Smash - Full length episodes: Combo of popular vote and guest judges
  7. R2DC3PO


    I agree with Daniel Hedger in that the two minute segments aren't necessarily a full enough representation of the podcasts to develop an informed opinion. Down the line the segment length may increase but maybe you should give the contestants a window of x-xx minutes and let the judges decide which are the strongest to include in the podcast? The majority need some instruction, and perhaps showing the hosts which segments killed it and which were less than effective by way of including/excluding them would provide better feedback.
  8. Left handed radio too be exact.
  9. I really enjoyed the Blue Sphere skit. Actually it was my favorite out of all the submissions. Thought the F+ segment resembled iBrain from CDR way too closely, without the proper set-up. The Magellean segment was really funny too, I thought the judges were a bit too tough on them.
  10. R2DC3PO

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    Great original plugs theme, Bret Gelman 4-eva!
  11. A stellar combination of low budget, poorly delivered reverse racism, White Man's Burden will leave you begging for death. I was in the army when I payed to see this horrendous pile of tar. It was my first exposure to cinema after many months of being screamed at, running through mud at the crack of dawn, and showering with many other men. When my buddy and I emerged from the movie theater, we both concluded that we would rather spend the rest of our lives in basic training than to endure another screening. If you can find it on Netflix, Kill yourself.
  12. R2DC3PO

    Episode 23 — Where Is Sklarbro Country?

    I love the fact the Jeff encourages transparency. It's forward thinking in a very cool way. This podcast sure is growing on me.