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  1. Bros before hoes, except after c
  2. Riverdale, Lakebill, Creekhank, Oceanboomhauer, Puddlebobby
  3. Actually, Frankenstein's Monster is the name of Frankenstein's dick
  4. It's Macaroni & Cheese, not Macaroni & Steve
  5. Back in my day, PC stood for MUSIC Television and they actually played videos!
  6. Call me old fashioned but I think Christmas should be between a man and a woman.
  7. Grubhub is just Pornhub for food.
  8. A warehouse is a person that becomes a house during a full moon.
  9. We just have time for one more feature on the show and that is a little something called plugs!
  10. a woman is just a man that was bit by a radioactive wo
  11. allenpwilliams

    Moby it's Mobelline

    Moby it's Mobelline
  12. Shrek's rival is Shrekluigi
  13. 2 in the pink, 182 in the blink
  14. Keep Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross close and your enemies closer
  15. You miss 100% of the shorts you don’t take!