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    Coffee, Metal, Post Modern Literature, and The Ladies.
  1. Are you two vandals vandalizing my sandals before me? Featuring Josh Freese, Brooks Wackerman, and Adrian Young
  2. Rev. Mike

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    This ep will be high on the list for BOTY.
  3. Rev. Mike

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    Where is my Thrillomedy Kapow! Kapow! t-shirt? When am I getting my fucking t-shirt?
  4. I want to echo all the positive, and only the positive, sentiments in this thread.
  5. The Easy Bake Oven has learned to cook and I think I'm in love.
  6. Loved it. Cristela GETS IT...she's got funny in her bones.
  7. Thanks for that catchphrase submission, Rev. Mike.
  8. The David Rees secret band story is amazing. As a child he was like a mixture of Captain Beefheart and Robert Pollard. I want to hear those songs.
  9. I grew up a short distance from Freeport.
  10. Rev. Mike

    HOWL Sweepstakes!!

    Is everyone getting the important notice emails regardless of whether or not they are premium?