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  1. Wow this episode, like the last 6 or so, sucked. The show has devolved into all adverts, self promotion and no preparation. Wheres the insight? the love? the research? the reactions? Sadly it feels like this is now just work for you guys and you pick the obvious movies a million podcasts have already done and done better with a guest who is more interesting in shilling their own projects than having any interest in the review. Remember the Sleepaway Camp episode.. that was great.. a movie few have seen is truly note worthy in it's awkward awfulness and you all had something to say about it. Cut your losses and just do the live stuff where you excel with prepared material and you actually give a damn about the material and your audience once more.
  2. Nasher

    Episode 38 — Bad Ass

    Shark Jumped.. I'm Out.
  3. Nasher

    Women in Trouble / Elektra Luxx

    I detested Elektra Luxx... some good actors and a plot that sounded interesting and could have gone somewhere.. and then didn't. I'm sure the salacious promotion didn't help to miss-sell the movie which got bogged down in 'Lifetime kitchen chat' scenes interspersed with poor Levitt trying his hardest to make something of a woefully under written part. For what it's worth I completely agree with your review.. I'm sure i reviewed it in much the same manner somewhere else myself.. Didn't help that the title, possibly deliberately, sounds exactly like a washing machine manufacturer. Now if only i'd rented Female Trouble by John Waters... would have been a whole other kettle of fish
  4. Nasher

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Oh the guy works on levels and levels above everyone.. so far up looking down it kinda makes some sense when you hear Kelly explain things but when you sit and think about what he says you soon realize: if it wasn't for his completely genuine manner and explanations of the thematics of his works you'd be sure he was flicking V's behind your back. Watching one of his movies on the surface level you can have some fun but it raises questions and it's hugely fun to debate the meanings, I'll never forget the revelation of watching Donnie Darko and the days of conversations that followed.. It's just this time.. i dunno if stuff got lost in editing, the movie certainly went through 2 major editing phases, or the grand vision was just too board, or it was supposed to be a start of a trilogy or something.. but what ended up on DVD is a garbled mess of cameo's and awkwardly connected scenes. There is so much minutia to his concepts I think he just failed to get the central story right and strong enough to give it a spine for the rest to develop and be supported by.
  5. Nasher


    Certainly suffers from futurism that feels quaintly archaic but I really love how they tried to do something different with this movie. There were a lot of very brave choices that have just dated incredibly badly and concepts they just didnt have the technology to pull off (not that CG is any real improvement overall). I really enjoyed how the high concept plot sorta gets boiled down to a pretty simple one by the movies end, you can almost feel the producers balking at the first cut and demanding it all get carefully explained or the audiences minds just might implode
  6. Nasher

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Southland is just an experience in it's own right.. they guys have to deal with sometime soon.. this remains one of the most popular threads on the boards for it's sheer baffling concept, structure/editing and overall execution (not to mention the farce that ensued from it's test screenings and the initial backlash). What i love about the flick is it's ability to confound everyone, from the casual viewer to hardcore sci-fi/fantasy fans and even those who are adept at spotting subtext and layered meanings.. everyone is confounded at what he was trying to get at.. and is there actually any depth to it at all? Listening to Kevin Smith and Kelly discuss it proves the man had a vision but he seems so jaded by the project I'm not sure he cares enough to try and explain it anymore.. he did that with Darko and nearly ruined it. I am beginning to think that HDTGM don't even check the forums anymore as they never mention them and seem to ignore these threads and just pick movies for themselves... not a bad thing as it give us a place to introduce bad movies to like-minded people.. but a shame none the less.
  7. Nasher


    You have to admire Bollywood.. for it's sheer insanity. The fact they produce so many more films per year than anyone else and how they oddly all seem similar to western eyes is even more baffling. When Sky TV added an Indian channel to freeview a few years back it quickly be came one of my faves.. you could put it on night or day and see a film in progress. This spawned a game we played. Once the singing and dancing started you had to predict the next location as every song seems to have a structure of: men sing & dance /cut/ women sing and dance, and during each the location of the dance randomly hops to a new backdrop every 10-15seconds... so one seconds men are in a town square and the next they are on a cliff top then women are in a bathhouse and then on a bus.
  8. Nasher


    It was super cool back in the day.. I saw the film had the computer game and discussed the awesome weaponry with friends.. Just on a re-viewing it's not weathered at all well.
  9. Nasher

    Batman & Robin

    I applaud your masochism. Not a sentence I use everyday.
  10. Nasher

    Bloodsport (1988)

    To be fair i don't think a single one of his movies is beyond reproach.. quality was never a concern That said when i was back in school you weren't cool unless you watched all the crazy action flicks of the day and Mr Dame certainly pumped out the schlock with the best of them. If only he had stuck with Predator... a 5' 8 hunter might have been a slightly easier foe for Arnie.
  11. Nasher

    Event Horizon (1997)

    It certainly has thriller pretensions but the gore splattered control room early on really set a tone for horror in my mind...which was also an element that somewhat annoyed me.. there was so really gruesome stuff but the team seem totally disinterested by it. It suffered in many ways from the old case of 'we have loads of mental things happening at the end that cost money so lets draw out the opening hour with as little as possible so we can save budget' and when that happens I often find myself bored and thinking about the movie, which is never a good sign and worse still when the movie gives you nothing to ponder on as its saving that for the end too.
  12. Nasher

    Basic Instinct 2

    Was damned from the start wasn't it.. but after the surprise hit of the original they couldn't not do it really.. but how do you top one of the most infamous scenes of all time... well you just ignore it and smatter the plot with smut that lacks an ounce of sophistication, if that's the word, of the original.
  13. Nasher

    Five Suggestions for HDTGM

    Took me forever to find Freaked.. but what a nuts movie.. and with Bill & Ted in it too! I like a movie that can laugh at itself and references many others without actually stealing from them. Any Hellraiser after 2 deserves derision on a wide number of elements but so true.. once you hit Space.. you know your series is in trouble... See Leprechaun, Critters.. Legion was ..well.. it has a really interesting core idea but one the film makers seemingly ignored and made angles bumbling idiots who posses like demons and die when slightly startled by gunfire it seems. There was a really good movie in there just not ones they decided to explore. Been meaning to track down Dylan Dog for some time... must go on my todo list.
  14. Nasher

    The Keep (1983)

    I loved the book! I was a big horror fan in the 80's & 90's and F Paul Wilson was one of my top authors and had to give the film a go. There are terrible pace issues, tension built but not paid off, uninspired effects and creature work.. such a shame as missed opportunity.
  15. Nasher

    The Sitter

    Lowest common denominator. Base level humour will never fail to sell despite a lack of any quality or intelligence. Its so sad that cheap work like this is the norm today and I know many who enjoyed the movie, and it's ilk, none of them would ever call a movie of this kind their favorite. My big problem with the modern (and mostly American made.. but i include us Brits in this too.. God damn you Gervaise) comedy is that they replace humour with embarrassment. It's to easy to do, it's cheap and tawdry. Why write a clever inter-weaved narrative with callbacks and a structure when someones self-esteem being broken gets an audiences laughter. Demand better people.