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  1. NortonCox

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    A man discovers proof of Noah's Ark and local news plays along. Although they do admit they have not yet verified if they came from Noah's Ark.
  2. NortonCox

    Episode 572 - Changerous

    Do it Sam! Do it! God damn Sam.
  3. Where can if find that video of the deist kid?
  4. Stolen Ideas has Harris Whittles?! Signing up.
  5. NortonCox

    Episode 297 - LIVE from DCM Pt. 1

    Tim Meadows has to be talking about Meteor Crater, right?
  6. Can anyone name it? Besser did his Eastern European accent as a guy explaining how the broken butter dish would mean that poop would fly on to it. I love that character and he's been in my head the past few days but I can't recall what episode it was.
  7. NortonCox

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    An amazing bit of local news where a man finds parts of Noah's Ark in his aunts yard. It's produced and delivered straight and Matt would love this. It's basically something Mr. Show would make.
  8. NortonCox

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    Paul has never seen Repo Man? Why does he even have a show about movies if that is true? Repo Man would be a good ep now that I think about it.
  9. After listening to Ian Robert's defense of the rules I've found their existence fascinating. When I saw the topic I was very must hoping for a simple breakdown of a rule that that would explain the issue of straight performers not playing gay more often. I failed to ask a Reddit question so I will ask it here with the blind faith it may one day be answered. What's the rule when a improv character is racist or bigoted? Every so often on I4H and on CBB a guest will be boxed into playing someone who is disgusted by some minority. You can hear the other performers team up and corner one person into that role. The "victim" is often not thrilled by the development but they play along to keep the scene going. Is there a rule that makes it easier for the performer to avoid killing the scene with a statement that goes to far?
  10. NortonCox

    EPISODE 183 — Tatertown

    We must know the teenbeat comic. You must tell us. Also, vote Ron Paul 2016. Gold Standard makes sense. And a third crazy thing.
  11. I always sigh when I see the new I4H is a musical guest but then I immediately love the artist. I'm probably just sad that it means we won't get a Crap on Youtube. Someone should let Matt know that AVClub switched it's format for Podmass. It's no longer a thumbs up/thumbs down review of that weeks podcasts. Now it's about finding Outlier podcasts and reviewing new and unestablished 'casts. At this point Improv 4 Humans is too big for what Podmass does now.
  12. NortonCox

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Monster Energy Drink devil affiliation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bntfUA6TmLs
  13. NortonCox

    Episode 168 — Music Industry

    Is this the first Body Rap? I need to catalog all of it.
  14. NortonCox

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    An immaculately dressed little man reviews the Wendy's Pulled Pork Burger, if only it was so simple. Failed Pulled Pork Cheeseburger Review, Shame On You Wendy's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCLhTdicYpM
  15. I thought Jimmy would be the one to bring up the documentary Daughter From Danang if Besser didn't. Here is the AVclub write up on it. Number 5 on the list http://www.avclub.co...se-durin-208522 It already sounds like her investigation didn't devolve into that but I would love someone to ask if Kulap knew about that docu before she ventured on her own.