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    The Hurricane Heist (2018)

  2. Wobblypolarbear

    The Hurricane Heist (2018)

    From the director of fast and the furious and stealth comes a hurricane fuelled heist movie starring an Alabama accent in his first lead role and some other people you will recognise but not be sure why.
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    I think it should be renamed Pepsi after the star of the movie I swear Pepsi logos appear on screen longer during this movie than Stallone did
  4. Wobblypolarbear


    It's got everything you look for in a pure classic bad movie that's good Great one liners like Thug Iwillblow this store up man Cobra go on then udont shop here Close ups of random boots Very tight jeans being worn by Stallone which I did not need to see And the return of the classic hard man move chewing on a tooth pick Plus guns cars bikes deep talking and bad bad bad acting