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  1. LaurenLapkus

    LIVE at the LA Podfest

    My hosts will be WILD HORSES (doing a standard WSGLL format rather than a straight up improv show like they usually do when they come on the show)!!
  2. September 1 8:30pm UCB sunset https://sunset.ucbtheatre.com/performance/41263#reservation
  3. LaurenLapkus

    Live at a Theater Near You

    Now you can watch it here! (For a small fee)
  4. hey guys! i will be doing my show LIVE at the LA Podfest on September 18! You can get tickets to see the show at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/audible-presents-the-2015-los-angeles-podcast-festival-tickets-15787174865 And if you don't live in LA you can buy a ticket to watch the entire festival for $25 get $5 off using offer code lauren https://www.lapodfes...estream-ticket/ you can catch every show at the festival for 3 weeks after the fest is over. hope to see ya there! xo
  5. Hey guys! You may have heard the ad on my show (or other Earwolf shows), but I'm participating in this cool podcast festival of sorts called Cast Party Live. We are going to be doing a live show at the Skirball Center at NYU, and it will be livestreaming to movie theaters across the country for one night only: JULY 28. Each podcast will be about 20 minutes long: Radiolab Invisibilia The Truth Reply All With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus My "host" will be kept under wraps until the show, but I can tell you that this person is an incredible improviser who has been on a popular TV show for a bunch of years. You can get more info (and see where it's playing in your town) at castparty.org. Thanks for your support! It means a lot to me. xo Lauren
  6. LaurenLapkus

    Reddit AMA

  7. LaurenLapkus

    Reddit AMA

    Heads up I will be doing a reddit AMA on June 16 at 1pm PST. Hope to see you there!
  8. Hey guys! The Earwolf store now has Traci Reardon tees! Buy one here: http://store.earwolf.com/store/apparel/4825/with-special-guest-lauren-lapkus-traci-reardon Thanks for listening to the show and being awesome. xo Lauren
  9. Hey guys! I'll be doing a live recording with Thomas Middleditch on January 18 at 3pm at Riot Fest at the Downtown Independent in LA. Here's a link for tix: http://www.riotla.com/event/with-special-guest-lauren-lapkus/ Come! Lauren
  10. Thank you all *so much* for listening! xoxo!
  11. LaurenLapkus

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    He was very professional! Don Rickles (who is in the longer version of the commercial) was hilarious and made fun of everyone the whole time. It was amazing.
  12. LaurenLapkus

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    just stopping by to mention butts! xo, lauren thanks for listening!!