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  1. Damme it ALL

    Knock Off (1998)

    I just watched this on crackle and Wow! As if it wasn't enough that my favorite action star was in it (JCVD), Rob Schneider is there for comic relief. I know you're thinking "We've seen it as Judge Dredd", then you find out that they are fashion designers in Hong Kong, in too deep with the Russian Mafia... Yes, Russians in Japan. Add in a crazy Rick-shaw race, Explosions every 3-5 minutes and the most slow motion you will ever see. This movie is bad, even for JCVD, but you continually have to pause and ask yourself "what the fuck was that?" which makes it a worth while watch for free.
  2. Damme it ALL

    Soul Man (1986)

    Well, LL Cool J and Brad Paisely said the same thing as well about their song. Most people stand behind mistakes instead of saying "whoopsie daisy, sorry".
  3. Damme it ALL

    Soul Man (1986)

    Just watch the trailer and wow. The tag line is "he didn't give up, he got down". This is racist even for the 80's and every review is how it is so overrated and misunderstood. Mind-blowing.
  4. Damme it ALL

    Iron Man 3

    Please, please do this movie. I went and saw it and I literally felt like I was watching 2 hrs of diarrhea farts. This was so ridiculous and bad. His panic attacks were so stupid and also not panic attacks. This movie was such a turd!!!
  5. Damme it ALL

    Double Team (1997)

    This is true. The only thing better for cheese factor would be to have his dark twin sport a goatee the entire movie until he turns good. Then he shaves it off and they split kick those fools to hell.
  6. Damme it ALL

    R.I.P.D. (2013)

    I realize that this movie doesn't come out for a couple of months but it should be on your upcoming watchlist. It looks like Men-in-Black, True Grit and the Matrix in a crappy three way. The trailer makes no sense and Jeff Bridges looks like Colonel Sanders and talks like a modern day Yosemite Sam. I watched the trailer and thought "This is going to suck so hard", yet I will go opening night to witness this train wreck. It also has Ryan Reynolds, who is terrible. Just watch the trailer and try to say you don't want to see this pile of garbage.
  7. Damme it ALL

    Double Team (1997)

    Simon Sez has Dane Cook and is unwatchable in a non-ironic way. But Double Team all the way!