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  1. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 299 β€” Don’t Hack the SAC

    OH, thank heavens! i was worried sick!
  2. COULDN'T BOOK AMY, YOU CHEAPO? lol jk matt lov u
  3. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 8 β€” Pop

    NOW you're talkin U2 to me! "Pop" goes the ego!
  4. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 35 β€” Senses

    I sense a classic! My study group really used all our senses for this one. So much fun! But also miraculous.
  5. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 173 β€” Doughnut Agree

    Fuck yeah, Mike Lawrence is the man!!!
  6. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 84 β€” No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Hey, brother! Two quick omissions then I'll get out of your doll hair, 1. Zeus has three lines, the one you missed is after Rip and Joan make out, Zeus comes on tv and says his 2nd line in the movie "RIP. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE" which is at least enough to make Rip consider fighting him. Very weird. 2. Also, at the end, there isn't even a kiss between Joan and Rip! She was held captive, was the only reason he was being forced to throw the fight, and he doesn't even run to her at the end. It's not even seeing Joan free that gives Rip the extra oomph to defeat Zeus, it's his brother's crying face. This movie is practically a love story between Rip and his brother, brother!
  7. BusinessComputerComedy

    Curtis Armstrong #196

    If they don't discuss the film Quigley on this, I'll be very upset.
  8. Skreet Pazan, he's our man! If he can't do it, then it's not fucking Skreet Panzan.
  9. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 30 β€” Is Life A Dream?

    So excited they got to this topic. Especially needed it's own ep. So thick and juicy.
  10. BusinessComputerComedy

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Quigley trailer - Starring Gary Busey (2003)
  11. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 236 β€” Murderer Heaven

    Watching this live made my life!
  12. BusinessComputerComedy

    Quigley (2003)

    Gary Busey as a surly, dog-hating billionare who dies and comes back to earth as a Pomeranian. And, yes, it's a direct to DVD children's film. Oz Perkins, Booger from Revenge of the Nerds, the dad from Smart Guy. It's got everyone! With almost no production value and some questionable scripting choices, this film is a perfect candidate for a good look from the HDTGM crew. The original score is pretty incredible, too. Here's the trailer:
  13. BusinessComputerComedy


    This was a very special episode for me. Glad I got to watch live!
  14. Wait, if you're in Reno, then whose that guy in the monkey suit tied to my ankle?!
  15. BusinessComputerComedy

    Episode 231 β€” This Is Not Me, This Is Them

    SPOILER ALERT: If Jesse Ventura doesn't come screaming out of the Plug Bag next episode I'm going to be sooooo disappointed.